We invite you to join the initiative
Light a digital candle - plant a tree!
7 €
To preserve the memory of the deceased and to preserve the nature of all our Lithuania, instead of the usual candle, we invite you to light a digital candle for the deceased, for which a tree will be planted.
How does it work?
Choose a burial site
By searching cemety.lt you will be able to find the burial place you would like to to light a digital candle.
Buy a candle
Buy a digital candle - see your candle burning for one month next to the photo of the grave on cemety.lt
We will plant a tree
On your behalf, we will plant with Forests of Planet Earth a tree in Lithuania. You will receive the exact coordinates of where in Lithuania where in Lithuania it will grow and you will be able to visit it at any time. This is information will also be stored in the general information of the grave.
Trees planted